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Zeiss Elta 2 for Sale. Sub-second total station, in like new condition. 
This highly accurate Elta2 Total Station has seen little use, is fully calibrated and cleaned, with new NV-RAM lithium battery and one year warranty. Three input key menu driven programs with dual face LCD’s and RS232 data interface. Here are some of the instrument specs: Angular accuracy of vertical and horizontal incremental encoder is 0.6”. Unique side mounted co-ax EDM accuracy is 2mm + 2ppm; range with one prism is 1,800 m, range with three prism is 2,500 m. Unencumbered telescope with 30x magnification; shortest focusing distance is 1,2m (4’). Unsurpassed Kern dual axis fluid compensator with tilt range of 2’40”. Instrument comes with 2 ea. new batteries, 1 ea. new charger and carrying case. Tribrach is optional. Inquire at for additional information.