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E2-EC Kern E2-ECA8 Leica DISTO™ A8 E2-EC with Leica DISTO™ A8 E2-EC with Leica DISTO™ A8        
E2-EC Autocollimation Theodolite with 3-Point Center-Pivot Leveling Module
E2-ECA8 with standard 3-Point Center-Pivot Leveling Base and A8 Leica Disto™ visible Laser for fast distance acquisition

Arguably the Kern E2 is the most accurate and stable electronic sub-second Theodolite ever built. These instruments are constructed like battle field tanks, with uncompromising mechanical stability, quality and standards. Due to their ruggedness and solid state design and without RAM or sotfware nor internal batteries to deal with, re-calibration and maintenance are kept to a minimum. Unfailing even under extreme use, they are without doubt one of the most cost-effective and best kept secrets in the optical tooling world.

DKM2-AT DKM2-AEC with A8 Leica Disto™ A8 Leica DISTO™ DKM2-AEC with A8 Leica DISTO™ DKM2-AEC with A8 Leica DISTO™    

This previously standard Kern DKM2-AE was modified and converted into a tribrach model DKM2-AET by Swisstek Inc.


This DKM2-AECT one arc second Theodolite, mated with a A8 Leica Disto™, with visible Laser and Tilt Sensor, makes this combination a highly viable and accurate reflectorless Optical Tooling Tachymeter system.

The Kern DKM2-A is a workhorse in many respects and is today's choice Theodolite for use in optical tooling and alignment applications. It is also heavily favored where a purely optical environment is required or desired and bulky electronic spatial measuring devices are rendered impractical. Furthermore, Optical Theodolites like the DKM2-A, have practically an infinite shelf life and will still be going strong long after all their electronic counterparts have lost their memories and succumbed to old age.

The Kern DKM2-A and its variants can be regarded as the most accurate and robust built 1" of arc optical theodolite ever. Available in several versions, including with preloaded vertical and horizontal axes systems which can be mounted in inclined or hanging positions.

The first generation DKM2-A theodolites, available only with an inverted telescope image, had the designation DKM2-A, where DKM stands for Doppel Kreis Mikrometer, meaning double circle or diagonally-read circle with micrometer. The numeral 2 stands for second order triangulation with the dashed A standing for automatic index. This type of telescope is sometimes also referred to as celestial or astronomical version.

The successive terrestrial version was named the DKM2-AE, with the added E standing for erect or upright telescope image. In later years, this was to become the standard model as all DKM2-A's were built with only upright telescope images, except for the DKM2-AC. Thus the E became redundant and was dropped from subsequent production runs.

Other official designations included the DKM2-AM and DKM2-AEM, a theodolite with built-in trunnion axis micrometer and capable of measuring an incline of up to 30"; the DKM2-AC with a built-in integral autocollimation beam splitter and the latest version, the DKM2-AT, where the T stands for tribrach, as in tribrach version. Up to this point, and except for some government specific contracts, all Kern DKM2-A models distinguished themselves with the compact and precise Kern cam leveling system, assuring a constant horizontal axis height of 173 mm.

Other semi-official designations included the DKM2-AEC, DKM2-AET, DKM2-AECT, DKM2-AL as in Laser and perhaps a few more.

  A8 Leica DISTO™ DKM2-AEC with A8 Leica DISTO™ DKM2-AEC with A8 Leica DISTO™ Kern DKM3-A  Description (pdf 6-pg)    
This is the DKM3-A 1/10 of an arc second Astronomical Universal Theodolite

The Kern DKM3-A Astronomical Universal Theodolite

Kern Total Stations

Kern DKM1 with Leica DISTO™ A8
Kern E2-ECA8 Leica DISTO™ A8 E2-EC with Leica DISTO™ A8 Kern E2-EC with Leica DISTO™ A8        
The DKM1 combined with the A8 Leica Disto™ makes this the smallest Tachymeter in the world. The complete combination weighs a mere 6.5lbs, or less than 3 Kg and lends itself for use in remote or confined areas and makes for easy on board air travel.
The E2-EC mounted with the A8 Leica Disto™ converts the Kern E2 into a highly accurate reflectorless Total Station. The Range of the visible red Laser is greatly increased when used with a standard Retroreflector.

Kern Precision Levels

Kern GK2-A Precision Autolevel with Optical Parallel Plate Micrometer GK2-A with Tribrach Base Detachable Parallel Plate Micrometer    
Kern Gk0-A Automatic Builder's Level
The Kern GK2-A is an Automatic Engineer's Level of very high precision. Available with detachable Parallel Plate Micrometer and incorporated Optical Microscope Readout.
The Micrometer Range is 10 mm with optical direct reading to 0.1 mm and 0.005 mm by estimation.
The Telescope Magnification is 32.5x Power and the magnetically suspended, air-dampened Pendulum has a compensating Range of ± 2'.
Knocked, bounced and much abused, this premier Kern GK0-A Builder's Autolevel beats 'em all! Constructed of a solid Swiss aluminum die cast housing and brass base, it is engineered to last several generations.
This timeless instrument has been sold for decades and is still being sold and serviced by Swisstek Inc. for a long time to come.

Now NEW quick leveling dome head aluminum Tripods available for all Kern levels!

Kern EDMs

Kern DM 500 Series

Work in Progress


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