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Swisstek Screensaver 2008
last updated 01/06/2008

BREWSTER NY 10509 - 4120 USA
voice/fax: 845 278-2335
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KERN Service for E1,E2, DKM2-AE, Zeiss Eth 2, Elta 2/3/4/5 etc:
Calibration & Repair Service

For Sale

One Half Arc Second Theodolites for Optical Tooling
All high quality instruments and accessories available from Swisstek Inc.     Visa + Mastercard

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optical tooling

Front lens DKM2-AE Kern 193-1214 Trivet DKM2-A Kern Adapter Plate Illumination set
Ni1 First Order AutoLevel DKM1 5 sec. K1-M 6sec

Ni2 AutoLevel Kern EDM's ETh4 10sec

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KERN SWISS: We buy everything Kern
METROLOGY: Kern metrology products
DKM2-A: A marvel of refined engineering
NGA: Geospatial Intelligence
Swisstek Screensaver of 2008 Stanserhorn
last updated 01/06/2008

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