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Swisstek Inc. 10 Balsam Dr.
Brewster NY 10509-4120 USA
tel/fax: 845 278-2335
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Swisstek Inc. offers the most comprehensive List of Kern Swiss and other high Quality Theodolites, Levels, Distance Meters and accessories for the Surveying and Optical Tooling Industries. In addition we offer Factory trained and Certified Repair and Calibration Services.

Below please find a List of currently available Equipment. The List will be frequently updated and if you don't see what you are looking for, please send us an email or call.

Theodolites and Total Station

Optical Tooling and Alignment

Kern Theodolites and EDMs
Kern Levels
Kern Tripods
Wild Theodolites
Zeiss Elta Total Station
Diagonal Eyepieces
Power Supplies & Cables
Instrument Manuals

Kern E1 and E2
Wild T2 and Zeiss Th2
Close up Lenses etc.
Optical Micrometers
Instrument Adapters
Power Supplies & Cables
Instrument Manuals


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Swisstek Inc * 10 Balsam Drive, Brewster NY 10509-4120 * tel/fax 845 278-2335


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