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Zeiss Eldi 10 for Sale. Long Range top- mounted pulsed EDM, super accurate, up to 10 Mile range. 
Here are some of the features of this long range Zeiss Eldi10 distance meter: Three input key menu driven program with dual line LCD. IR pulsed, carrier = 905nm, RS232 data interface, automatic correction for earth curvature and refraction; input for atmospheric pressure, temperature, scale, prism offset. Measuring speed: Superfast tracking mode (moving target) < 0.2 second, in tracking mode is 0.5 seconds, in regular mode is 2 seconds. Measuring accuracy ±5 mm +3ppm, range with 1 reflector > 4 miles, 3 reflectors > 5mls. EDM is like new, comes with 2 ea. batteries, 1 ea. battery tripod mount, charger, cable and carrying case. Prism, target, tribrach are optional. For inquiries email to